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From the Director of PrimeSCI!

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PrimeSCI! is a group at Monash University which interfaces imaginative research-active and passionate scientists with students, their teachers, their friends and the general public.

Programs of the PrimeSCI!  take these people into labs, the field, onto the net, and into the classrooms and lecture halls to explore how science works and what it is able to offer each and everyone.  PrimeSCI! connects science and technology with the arts, politics, economics, law - and many other disciplines.

Staff of PrimeSCI! are truly enthusiastic about the vision of  opening a window on science that provides an in-depth look at science and showcases opportunities to use scientific thinking and knowledge in everyday life. Scientific knowledge and scientific thinking are powerful tools which everyone should be able to use in one way or another, every day of their lives, giving  them the ability to make their own decisions about complex, and not so complex,  issues that face us all the time as we move towards as sustainable future. 

Individual decisions DO most certainly make a difference, and so those everyday decisions should be done using an informed and well resourced tool kit !

Professor Pat Vickers Rich